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We have exciting news! Murphy's Kittens is moving & expanding our shelter services to include a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, opening in 2023.

After a lot of thinking, planning, and collaborating with local cat lovers, we have decided to start Ancient City Cat Coalition, a low-cost spay & neuter clinic exclusively for cats. We will provide low-cost spay, neuter, vaccination, microchipping, and feline disease testing to help both privately-owned pets & strays receive proper vetting in order to curb the feline overpopulation problem in northeast Florida.


We have moved into our new space in South St. Augustine & are currently gearing up to open the clinic. As this is quite the involved process, we will be closed for intakes indefinitely. Adoptions are still happening as usual. 

Keep up with our progress by following Murphy's KittensAncient City Cat Coalition on Facebook. Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover the cost of our move & the set-up costs of the clinic, and those can be made at or

We appreciate your support and look forward to helping more cats in 2023. 



Murphy's Kittens is named after a rescue cat from Orlando, Florida, named Murphy. When he was found, he had every health problem under the sun, including a partially self-amputated tail. Despite everything he went through, he is the sweetest, most snuggly man with his rescuers. The real story began when Murphy was introduced to a litter of abandoned kittens. He loved them more than their own mother; he taught them to groom, play, and be social with people.

Inspired by Murphy, we decided to put his talents to work and start Murphy's Kittens, Inc: a non-profit stray cat sanctuary and adoption program.

Our mission is to take all the stray cats and kittens off the streets of St. Johns County, Florida, provide them with proper veterinary care, and adopt them out to loving, forever homes.

Murphy's Kittens, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN:84-3918155). We are a very small rescue, run by only two people and a few volunteers, and we receive no funding from the government or local entities; all of our support comes from gracious supporters like yourself, and we need your help to continue saving lives.

On any given day, we have about 80 cats in our care. We are also partnered with Petco Saint Augustine and Petco Durbin Creek, where we house up to 10 cats at a time.



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