Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a donation and help us provide for the cats in our shelter. Donations go towards food, litter, medical expenses, and, of course, toys for the kitties! 

The button below will allow you to donate via Paypal. We also have Venmo (@murphyskittens) and Cashapp ($MurphysKittens).

We have a new way to donate! Using RoundUp App, you can donate extra change to our organization just by using your debit card. Visit to learn more and sign up! 

Your generosity is so greatly appreciated! 



Most items available at Walmart, Petco, or Amazon! Contact us to set up a drop-off appointment.

  • Petco WholeHearted Easy Digestion Adult Cat Food

  • WholeHearted Kitten or Whole Earth Dry Kitten Food

  • Natural canned kitten food, such as Whole Earth or Royal Canin Mother & BabyCat

  • FreshStep Clean Paws clay litter

  • Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorizer

  • SoPhresh paper pellet litter

  • New or lightly used beds, blankets, and bath mats

  • Cleaning supplies (Mr. Clean, bleach, paper towels, etc.)

  • Scratchers, catnip, plastic cat toys, and treats

  • Feliway/ComfortZone diffusers or sprays

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We are now registered with My Giving Circle! This organization gives out $500,000 dollars in grants every year, and the current grant cycle ends September 30th. The top 10 nonprofits receive a grant of up to $4,000, and all you have to do is vote for free once a week!

🔵Visit to view our profile

🔵Click on "Vote"

🔵Enter your name, email, and make sure Murphy's Kittens, Inc. is selected

🔵Check your email for a link to verify your vote

🔵Share with your friends and come back next week to do it again!

This is a super easy and FREE way to support us! 😀

❌Please note: the site asks you to donate or pay to feature our profile - we DO NOT recommend doing either of these. We are not set up to receive donations via this platform, and "featuring" our profile is not a donation to our organization. If you'd like to donate, our payment methods can be found at



RoundUp donations allow you to take the spare change from your everyday purchases and donate it directly to our organization!

It's a simple process:

You signup for RoundUp App.

You link your cards and accounts.

You spend like normal!

RoundUp App automatically rounds up your purchases to the next whole dollar and donates the difference!

You can even set a minimum and maximum donation amount you'd like to spend so you'll make big change without breaking your budget!

Get started now using this link:

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