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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Murphy's Kittens! We are a small rescue and depend on volunteers to help us operate efficiently. 

We provide many opportunities for you to get involved! We welcome students 16 and older to volunteer in our shelter, and those who are 18+ can help at our Petco locations.


All volunteers must have a ride on site for the duration of their volunteer shift in case of emergency. Volunteers that cannot drive themselves must have a parent or guardian volunteer with them or wait in the parking lot while their child volunteers.  


Volunteers between 14 and 16 are accepted on a case-by-case basis and must have a parent or guardian volunteer alongside them. Unfortunately, due to limited space in our shelter, we cannot accommodate groups of more than five people at a time.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch.


Cat Care Heroes

Calling all cat enthusiasts with superhero strength!

Do you have muscles of steel and a heart full of love for feline friends? join our Cat Care Heroes team and help keep our kitties' homes tidy and cozy. You'll be vacuuming, wiping, mopping, and ensuring our cats have the cleanest space to play and lounge in. Be prepared to meet some spirited cats along the way - some may be a little shy at first, but they'll warm up to you in no time.

No need to commit to a specific schedule - just let us know when you're available and we'll make it work!

Petco Pals

Hang out with our cats at Petco St. Augustine or Petco Durbin

Creek - it's a breeze!

Looking for a weekly dose of cat cuddles and smiles? Our Petco Pals have a purr-fectly easy job. Just spend half an hour each week checking in on our cats at Petco, making sure they're comfortable and giving them a little love. It's a short and sweet commitment that brings endless joy to our furry friends!

Petco Pals must be 18 or older, per Petco's regulations.

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Purr-fect Socializers

Become a Purr-fect Socializer and make new feline friends!

Do you want to be the ultimate cat whisperer? Our Purr-fect Socializers are experts at understanding cat behavior and helping our cats become social butterflies. If you're ready to learn the secrets of kitty communication and keep notes on their quirky personalities, this role is for you. Don't worry about the occasional standoffish cat - we'll teach you how to win them over. Join us whenever it suits you and help turn our shy cats into confident companions!

Fundraising Fanatics

Unleash your inner fundraising fanatic!

Do you have a flair for fundraising? Our Fundraising Fanatics are the creative minds behind our campaigns. Join this spirited team to help plan and execute fundraisers that make a real difference in the lives of our cats. Whether it's a bake sale, an online auction, or a wild idea you dream up, we'd love your help. The best part? You can do all your planning while hanging out in a room full of cats!


Expense Wizards & Donation Doctors

Turn receipts into purrs and donations into dreams!

Calling all number crunchers and detail detectives! As an Expense Wizard, you'll be scanning receipts, matching them to entries in our software, and organizing them into funds. If you're more of a people person, join our Donation Doctors team, where you'll write heartfelt acknowledgement letters, enter donations into our database, and spread gratitude like confetti.

You can choose one role or be a double agent - either way, you'll be our financial superhero!

Kitty Website Keepers

Be the keeper of our adoptable kitties' online kingdom!

Are you a web wizard with a soft spot for cats? Our Kitty Website Keepers make sure our adoptable cats shine online. You'll be in charge of updating pictures, writing bios full of purr-sonality, and uploading our already-made videos to YouTube. Help us showcase our cats' true charm and find them their forever homes with a click of a button. It's a job that'll warm your heart and make you smile with every "Adopted!" announcement.

Volunteer Interest Form

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